Ahmed Charai is an Atlantic Council board member and the chairman and chief executive officer of Global Media Holding, a publishing and broadcasting conglomerate. Charai is also a publisher of the weekly Moroccan newspaper L’Observateur, president of a national broadcast network in Morocco, MED Radio and MEDTV network, and chairman of the board of Al-Ahdath al-Maghrebiya, an Arabic daily newspaper. As an expert on Morocco and North Africa, he is also a Mideast policy advisor in Washington whose articles have appeared in the New York Times, Politico, the Wall Street Journal, the Hill, Foreign Policy, National Interest, the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, and more. 

Charai is also on the board of directors of other think tanks, including the Center for Strategic and International Studies, International Crisis Group, International Center for Journalists, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Center for National Interest, and the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security. 

He received his master’s degree in management from the University of Angers in France; a diploma from the Higher School of Business and Management of Toulouse, France; and a master’s degree in constitutional law and political sciences from the University of Rabat, Morocco.