Wed, Jun 20, 2018

Nord Stream 2: Understanding the potential consequences

the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline would have negative implications for European energy security, including undermining transit security, reducing route diversity, creating a “Straits of Hormuz” risk for Europe, and undermining the single market.

Report by Alan Riley

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Mon, Mar 12, 2018

Global Energy Center working paper highlights risks of Nord Stream 2

In a new working paper, Global Energy Center Senior Fellow Alan Riley highlights the risks that could stem from the construction of the contentious proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, which would bring gas from Russia to Germany. In the working paper, Dr. Riley emphasizes that the proposed pipeline would have negative implications for European […]

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Fri, Aug 5, 2016

Foreign Policy Features Atlantic Council Report on Nordstream 2

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In the News by Alan Riley

Full Bio

Alan Riley is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center.

He is also a professor at City Law School. City University advises governments, EU institutions, NGO’s, and corporations on major strategic problems in relation to abuse of dominance, price-fixing, and merger cases concerning strategic problems in the global and European energy markets.

Additionally, he is an associate senior research fellow of the Institute for Statecraft and is a regular guest columnist on competition and energy law issues with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Financial Times. Professor Riley is a regular contributor to topical programs in the media, including a recent BBC appearance to discuss the implications of the European Union’s investigation into the Gazprom case.