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Thu, Jun 13, 2019

Nord Stream 2: From EU law to US sanctions law

Rainer Seele, the chief executive officer of Austrian energy company OMV and corporate ally of Gazprom, recently called on Europe to defend itself from the proposed US sanctions aimed to stop Nord Stream 2. It is far from clear to which ‘Europe’ Seele is referring. In December 2018, the European Parliament voted 433 to 105 […]

EnergySource by Alan Riley

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Tue, Apr 2, 2019

Dealing with the offshore economy

The West, with its rule of law and creation of the Western-governed offshore economy, has given corrupt elites in developing countries the tools and capacity to avoid ever establishing the rule of law in their own countries.

Report by Alan Riley

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Wed, Jun 20, 2018

Nord Stream 2: Understanding the potential consequences

the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline would have negative implications for European energy security, including undermining transit security, reducing route diversity, creating a “Straits of Hormuz” risk for Europe, and undermining the single market.

Report by Alan Riley

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Alan Riley is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center.

He is also a professor at City Law School. City University advises governments, EU institutions, NGO’s, and corporations on major strategic problems in relation to abuse of dominance, price-fixing, and merger cases concerning strategic problems in the global and European energy markets.

Additionally, he is an associate senior research fellow of the Institute for Statecraft and is a regular guest columnist on competition and energy law issues with the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Financial Times. Professor Riley is a regular contributor to topical programs in the media, including a recent BBC appearance to discuss the implications of the European Union’s investigation into the Gazprom case.