Aleksandra Gadzala Tirziu is a strategy and policy advisor, author, founder, and university professor. Tirziu is currently head of research with The Singularity Group, a Switzerland-based innovation investment boutique, author of Africa and China: How Africans and Their Governments are Shaping Relations with China, founder of the geopolitical risk and strategic foresight firm Magpie Advisory, and lecturer in international relations at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and the University of Zurich.

Previously Tirziu was geopolitical specialist and member of senior staff at Zurich Insurance Group, responsible for establishing a corporate approach to assessing and mitigating geopolitical and emerging risks. She is also a former senior analyst and head of African markets with responsAbility Investments, a Swiss asset manager active in impact investing, where she managed country and sovereign risk for a $900 million portfolio of debt and equity investments in the financial, renewable energy, and agriculture sectors in over twenty-five African markets.

Tirziu has advised Fortune 500 companies and government leaders on innovation strategies, sustainability policies, and political risks in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. She has held research and advisory roles with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, the G8 Research Group, the United Nations Development Programme, and the Global Economic Governance Programme at the University of Oxford, where she focused on the implications of global financial regulations for emerging markets.

Tirziu speaks and writes regularly on technology and innovation, China-Africa relations, geopolitics, and African business. Her work appears in Axios, The National Interest, China Review, the Journal of Eastern African Studies, Monocle, CNNMoney Switzerland, and Democracy: A Journal of Ideas. Gadzala has also presented before the European Parliament, the World Economic Forum, and has been cited in testimony before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

She holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Oxford (Merton College), an MPhil in Politics, also from the University of Oxford (Merton College), and a BA (cum laude) in Political Science from Northwestern University.