Alp Sevimlisoy is a Millennium Fellow at the Atlantic Council and the chief executive officer of Asthenius Capital, an emerging-markets-based hedge fund headquartered in London. He has executed transactions in the United Kingdom and Turkey, as well as countries in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Sevimlisoy is also an advisory board member at Cass Business School and a geopolitical strategist on Turkey. He has been published as a op-ed contributor in the Hill and Israel Hayom, and quoted in Bloomberg, Hedge Fund Manager, and IHS Janes 360. Sevimlisoy is also a speaker and panelist at global events, namely the Bloomberg Summit. Sevimlisoy is also a national security expert on Turkey and NATO, with a particular expertise in the Mediterranean and Middle East. He has advised regional governments and policy-shaping leaders on trade in an era of global protectionism—as well as on defense and national security matters. Sevimlisoy has advocated the ideals of Atlanticism with a particular focus on Mediterranean Unionism.