Delharty Manson was a program assistant in the Forward Defense practice of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. He contributed to the program’s research and events on defense innovation, artificial intelligence, and nuclear policy. He also works on Forward Defense’s Commanders Series and the Future of the DHS project.

Manson graduated magna cum laude from the College of William & Mary, earning a Bachelor of Arts in public policy. As an undergraduate, Manson was a research fellow at the William & Mary Global Research Institute’s Project for International Peace and Security. Manson studied and wrote a published white paper on the impact of small loitering munitions in weak regimes.

Prior to joining the Atlantic Council, Manson interned at the US Department of State researching relations between marginalized populations and the police in Caribbean nations. Manson also interned for the Department of Defense at the US Indo-Pacific Command.