Iliyana Arnaudova Millennium fellow at the Atlantic Council and serves as clean energy finance manager for C40’s City Finance Program and the Global Environment Facility’s sustainable cities impact program, UrbanShift. She has authored reports and publications for the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and UN-Habitat on local climate action. While working for the Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Cairo, she led and participated in high-level meetings and dialogue with national governments leading to project financing and global north-south partnerships. In addition to that, she coordinated the development of a Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa political pledge by African mayors through a multi-stakeholder process to ensure sustainability and ownership of the initiative in the region. Arnaudova holds a bachelor’s degree in politics and international relations and a master’s degree in environment and resource management from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. She was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.