Ivy Lau-Schindewolf is a 2022 Atlantic Council Millennium fellow, participant on the 2024 Executive Leadership Intensive, and part of the International Policy and Partnership team at OpenAI. In this role, she engages with multilaterals, governments, and civil society in regions outside the United States and European Union. Her work is animated by the potential of new artificial intelligence technology to benefit all of humanity. Lau-Schindewolf was previously at PayPal, where she advocated for the company’s positions on domestic and international policy developments and drove thought leadership research projects and partnerships at the nexus of technology, economics, politics, and ethics. When she was part of the World Bank, she helped advise governments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia on climate policies to transition their economies to a greener growth path.

Lau-Schindewolf has also worked with social enterprises in China, Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa. She grew up in the bustling cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. She was awarded her bachelor’s degree from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and her MBA from the Yale School of Management.