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Fri, Oct 9, 2020

Topic overview | Space: The next frontier for innovation, economics, accessibility, and infrastructure

Space is quickly becoming the new frontier to be explored by national governments and private sector actors. In the process, the different parties prepare themselves for an environment that will bring to space the competition and collaboration behaviors that are typical on Earth, that will require new or updated regulations and international norms, and that will unleash new opportunities for multiple industries and technologies – spanning from transportation and satellite communication to data sharing, artificial intelligence or national security.

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International Norms Space

Jody creates superhumans, not supercomputers. Rather than teaching humans the right buttons to push, she uses cognitive computing (AI, AR/VR, robotics, sensors, etc) to speak human. Her most notable work includes UX design for DARPA’S Big Dog, Principal Experience Designer on the Holo Lens Project at Microsoft, HMI for Toyota’s AiCar, and Principal UX at LEAP Motion. Today, she is a futurist and product designer working to define the future of human machine interface (HMI) through radical inclusion by leveraging brain machine interface, sensors, robotics, AI, and AR/VR.