José Antonio González Anaya is the chief executive officer of Izzi at Televisa Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Mexico which provides internet, cable, and telephone services to over six million clients. Previously, he was the minister of finance of Mexico; chief executive officer of Mexico’s National Oil Company, PEMEX; and general director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, which manages pensions, provides healthcare to close to seventy million Mexicans, and employs close to 420,000 workers. Previously, he held the following positions at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit: undersecretary of revenues; coordinator of advisors to the secretary, head of the Coordination Unit with Federal Entities; head of the Insurance, Securities, and Pensions Unit; and coordinator of advisors to the undersecretary of finance and public credit. He was a researcher and professor at Stanford University and senior economist for Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru at the World Bank. He earned a PhD in economics from Harvard University and a BA in economics and mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.