Kamila is a Team Leader at the European Court of Auditors, where she currently leads a report assessing the Intervention of the European Commission in the Greek Financial Crisis and analyses EU economic policy more generally. Kamila also designs methodology for audit programs to analyze the effectiveness of policy and policy execution across the European Union. Prior to working as a Team Leader, Kamila served as an auditor for the European Court of Auditors, carrying out performance audits at the level of Member States and the European Commission. Kamila also worked as a consultant for Deloitte Poland, helping companies optimize their investments and use of public funding. Earlier in her career, she was an Editor and Analyst at TVN CNBC, where she focused on finance and regulation.

Kamila holds a PhD in Economics, an MA in European Studies from the Warsaw School of Economics, and an MSc in Sociology from London School of Economics and Political Science. She was awarded the Chevening Scholarship and the Polish Prime Minister’s Scholarship. One of her research papers, Restoring competitiveness in the context of monetary union. The case of Greece, can be found on page 203.