Mayecor Sar is currently a policy advisor at the President’s Delivery Unit in Senegal where he coordinates, monitors and evaluates the implementation of reforms to his country’s public administration and business environment. In that role, Mayecor is working towards transforming public service to make it more efficient and setting up Special Economic Zones in order to boost the nation’s exports, increase Foreign Direct Investment and drastically reduce unemployment.

Before joining the government, Mayecor was a contributing analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and a management consultant in both Singapore and Dakar, where he helped firms from across the world invest in Africa.

In parallel to his activities in the civil service, Mayecor has cofounded a public policy advisory firm. Inspired by the lack of grassroots and innovative approaches to policy-making in Africa, he has developed a platform where carefully targeted people are able to voice their opinion on their development needs and the meritorious responses are then used to draft campaign programmes for candidates at the 2017 general elections. The idea here is to put citizens and public delivery back at the centre of policy-making.

Mayecor Sar is also a proud graduate of the University of York in the U.K. where he read Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE) before joining the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School where he attended the Masters in Public Policy programme and served as editor to the Asian Journal of Public Affairs (AJPA).