Mercedes Guttierez is a Millennium Fellow at the Atlantic Council and a deal associate at Shell based in Dubai. Her current focus is on acquisitions and divestments as Shell, together with major resource holders, works towards a decarbonized future and reshapes portfolios. Prior to this, Guttierez was an economist for a two-billion-dollar joint venture in Iraq aimed at reducing gas flaring with strong support from the World Bank and local communities. She is passionate about the nexus between energy and politics and has a demonstrated history of working across the energy value chain from upstream production in Oman and the United Kingdom to the development of new liquified natural gas and to transport markets in the Netherlands and regulatory policy in Mexico. Guttierez holds a master of science in accounting, organizations and institutions and a bachelor of science in international relations from the London School of Economics. She is the proud mother of two girls who inspire her to break the glass ceiling.