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Jan 20, 2022

By intervening in Kazakhstan, Russia strengthens its hand in China’s energy market

By Paddy Ryan

A Russian-led intervention to quell violent protests in Kazakhstan will undoubtedly come with strings attached. Kazakhstan may fall even further into Russia's energy orbit, unraveling the country's carefully crafted multi-vector foreign policy and putting its relationship with China to the test.

Central Asia Energy & Environment


May 5, 2021

Electric vehicles and the metamorphosis of an industry

By Paddy Ryan

Though federal electric vehicle (EV) strategy remains embryonic, private sector developments have fostered a growing US EV market. As sectoral interests within the United States vie for this business, turnover is inevitable, for firms and regional manufacturing centers alike. Add a changing lineup of carmakers to the list of disruptions wrought on dealerships, gas stations, and the US autoworker; the American auto industry stands at the precipice of a revolution the likes of which it has rarely seen.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions


Mar 11, 2021

Can green finance compensate for London’s post-Brexit losses?

By Paddy Ryan

Supporters of Brexit suggest that making London a “world leader” in green finance could compensate for the City’s post-Brexit losses. Green financial leadership could boost Britain’s domestic industry and transform its foreign policy. But competitive advantages for its financial sector may not materialize.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment

Paddy Ryan is a program assistant at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, where he works on the European energy security portfolio.

Ryan was part of the Atlantic Council’s inaugural Young Global Professionals class of spring 2021. Prior to joining the Council, he wrote for Britain’s The Spectator, where he covered international trade and security and reported from Kazakhstan during its historic 2019 election. He also served as Europe editor for Federal Network, a Capitol Hill-based press agency, where he led reporting on European Union institutions. During a brief hiatus from the Council, he worked as a climate editor for London-based Global Risk Insights, and worked as a consultant on finance, technology, and agriculture in emerging and frontier markets. In addition to The Spectator, his work has been published by Defense News, Energy Post, and the Atlantic Council’s EnergySource.

Ryan completed a master’s degree in international relations at the London School of Economics, where he wrote a dissertation on Anglo-Irish relations during the period of European monetary integration. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy. He is a triple-national of Ireland, Mexico, and the United States.