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Paddy Ryan was the assistant director for European energy security at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center. In addition to his work on European energy and climate, he was also active within the center’s portfolio on global critical mineral supply chains, and was the editor of the Global Energy Center’s EnergySource publication.

Ryan was part of the Atlantic Council’s inaugural Young Global Professionals class of spring 2021. Prior to joining the Council, he wrote for Britain’s The Spectator, where he covered international trade and security and reported from Kazakhstan during its 2019 presidential election. He also served as Europe editor for Federal Network, a Capitol Hill-based press agency, where he led reporting on European Union institutions. During a brief hiatus from the Council, he worked as an energy and climate editor for London-based Global Risk Insights, and worked as a consultant on energy, technology, and agriculture in emerging and frontier markets. In addition to The Spectator, his work has been published by Defense News, EnergyPost, The Hill, and Eurasianet, and he has been quoted in publications including Quartz, Semafor, Axios, The Diplomat, ArsTechnica, and Fox News.

Ryan completed a master’s degree in international relations at the London School of Economics, where he wrote a dissertation on Anglo-Irish relations during the period of European monetary integration. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in history and philosophy. He is a triple-national of Ireland, Mexico, and the United States.