Shirley Martey Hargis is a nonresident fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Global China Hub and Digital Forensic Research Lab. She is also a consultant on the China and international security for CRDF Global’s Data and Technology program. She has over a decade of experience in the domestic politics and foreign affairs of China and Taiwan. Hargis focuses on China’s resurgence and cross-Strait tensions, including China’s affairs in Africa, Russia, and Latin America. Her domestic and foreign-policy expertise span defense and security, economics, and technology in consulting, intelligence, and policy research.

She is executive director of Black Professionals in International Affairs, a member of the Global Advisory Board of CJPA Global Advisors, and a nonresident fellow at Taiwan NextGen Foundation. Previously, she led and managed CRDF Global’s Countering People’s Republic of China Acquisition and Misuse of Weaponizable Technology and Talent team for the US Department of State. In this capacity, she provided solutions to international governmental, research, private, and academic sector stakeholders about Chinese military civil-fusion, emerging technologies, dual-use technologies, and improving cyber defenses. Additionally, Hargis supported the Intelligence Community, US Department of Defense, and federal law enforcement communities and provided risk assessments of critical political, economic, and security trends in the Asia-Pacific and insight into US foreign-policy making for the State Department and Taipei-based financial investment firms.

Hargis is an honoree of the Center for Strategic & International Studies and Diversity in National Security Network’s 2021 US National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List. She is a security fellow at the Truman National Security Project (Washington, DC Chapter) and a member of the American Association for Chinese Studies and the Pacific Council on International Policy. Hargis’s writings and commentary appear in POLITICO China Watcher, American Purpose, Taiwan Insight, TEKA Commission of Political Science and International Affairs, and the Politics and Society in Contemporary China Edition 2 (2020).

Hargis graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a BA in political science. Also, she has a certificate in China trade, law, and intellectual property from the University of California, Berkeley law school. Hargis has lived in China and Taiwan. She is proficient in Mandarin Chinese and has native fluency in Twi, Ga, and Fanti.