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Mon, Jan 4, 2021

Experts react: The US brokers another deal to end the Gulf rift

On January 4, it was reported that Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states are expected to sign a deal towards ending the “Gulf rift.” Atlantic Council experts react to the agreement and what it means for the wider region.

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Mon, Dec 14, 2020

Azodi quoted in TRT World on US-Iran tensions

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Thu, Dec 10, 2020

Experts react: What the Morocco-Israel deal means for the Middle East

Atlantic Council experts react to the normalization of ties between Morocco and Israel and what it means for the wider region.

MENASource by Atlantic Council

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Sina Azodi is a PhD candidate in International Affairs at University of South Florida. His research interests include international security, nuclear non-proliferation, and US-Iranian relations. Sina previously worked as a Research Assistant at Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security and Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Sina is also a visiting scholar at the George Washington University’s Institute for Middle East Studies. He is a frequent commentator on both English and Persian speaking media, including BBC Persian service, Sky News, Al-Jazeera, TRT  World and i24. Sina’s analysis has appeared on Columbia University’s Journal of International Affairs, National Interest, Lobe Log and the Middle East Institute, and has been quoted by the New York Times, Newsweek and Forbes. Sina earned his BA and MA in International Affairs from the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @azodiac83.

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