Sinan Hatahet is a nonresident senior fellow for the Syria Project in the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Programs and the vice president for investment and social impact at the Syrian Forum. As a French Syrian researcher, he specializes in political and war economy, particularly in the context of Syria. As a researcher at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute, he has significantly contributed to the understanding of wartime and post-conflict scenarios in Syria. Hatahet’s expertise extends to the history of the Syrian Revolution, a topic he delved into deeply as an archive consultant at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. His role as the head of the archive for the History of the Syrian Revolution Project demonstrates his commitment to preserving and analyzing critical historical data. His professional journey also includes impactful tenures as a senior fellow at Sharq Forum and a non-resident senior fellow at the Omran for Strategic Studies, where he focused on regional security structures, non-state actors, political economy, and governance. 

Hatahet’s academic background in computer science and network security from the University of Technology of Compiegne, France, lays the foundation for his technical approach to political research. His research papers and publications cover a wide array of topics, including the political economy of Syria, the role of philanthropy in the Syrian War, local governance structures, and the impact of natural disasters like earthquakes in the region. Notable works include “Syria’s Regional Rehabilitation: between Consensus and Competition,” “Competition Collusion and Smuggling: Syria’s Borders with Turkey and Iraq,” and “The Role of Philanthropy in the Syrian War: Regime-Sponsored NGOs and Armed Group Charities.” His insightful analyses offer a unique blend of technical expertise and deep understanding of the complex socio-political fabric of the Middle East, particularly Syria.