The forthcoming issue of Africa Review features an article by Atlantic Council Africa Center Director J. Peter Pham on “India’s New African Horizons: An American Perspective.”

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The study – an extended version of Pham’s invited presentation earlier this year at the international conference on “Emerging Asian Powers in Africa,” organized by the Centre for African Studies at the University of Mumbai and the Policy Research Institute of the African Studies Association of India – examines India’s rapidly expanding network of relations, analyzing the country’s burgeoning public and private investments in the region as well as its policies vis-à-vis African regional organizations and individual states, especially in the security sector. Pham argues that India’s expanding commercial and strategic engagements across Africa represent a significant move in the global geopolitical order taking shape in the twenty-first century and that, in the context of the broader United States-India strategic partnership as well as American political and security interests in Africa, India’s willingness to make significant contributions to African peacekeeping and to extend its maritime security cover to the continent’s eastern littoral ought to be welcomed, not least because of the potential positive impact on regional stability and development.

Africa Review is the international peer-reviewed journal of the African Studies Association of India and is published by the British academic house Taylor and Francis.

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