On April 11, Scowcroft Strategy Initiative Assistant Director Imran Bayoumi authored an article for Foreign Policy commenting on the ongoing state of unrest and turmoil in Haiti. Bayoumi posits that achieving sustainable peace in the country necessitates a US strategy that prioritizes the promotion and cultivation of democracy over militarized interventions. To underscore his argument, Bayoumi references significant legislative measures such as the 2019 Global Fragility Act (GFA) and 2021 Montana Accord, which highlight the urgent requirement for a democracy-centered approach not only to Haiti but also to other fragile and volatile states worldwide.

The GFA strategy should shift its focus to the front foot – to first promoting a democratic transition rather than supporting a constantly deteriorating policing situation with no clear path to improvement. Announcing US support of the Montana Accord is a good start, but there are other actions the United States can take short of this step.

Imran Bayoumi

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