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In the News August 23, 2021

Charai in The Hill: Refugees can be a step toward redemption for Afghanistan failures

By Atlantic Council

While the chaos of the United States’ sudden US withdrawal from Afghanistan has been unpopular—though most agree eventually necessary—there are steps the Biden administration can take to play a humanitarian role in addressing the resulting crisis. Just as the United States’ welcoming of Vietnamese refugees following the Fall of Saigon contributed significantly to its economy and showcased its values to the world, welcoming Afghan refugees amid the current crisis in Afghanistan would be in the country’s best interest, argues Atlantic Council Board Director Ahmed Charai. Read Charai’s latest in The Hill on why the United States should provide humanitarian assistance for all Afghans without exception and welcome Afghan refugees.

Ahmed Charai is a Moroccan publisher and an Atlantic Council Board Director. He is also an international counselor of the Center for a Strategic and International Studies, a board of trustees member of International Crisis Group, and a member of the Advisory Board of The Center for the National Interest in Washington and Global Board of Advisors at The Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security in Jerusalem.

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