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In the News July 12, 2021

Cybersecurity of Space-Based Assets and Why this is Important

By the GeoTech Center

Space is quickly becoming the new frontier to be explored by national governments and private sector actors. In the process, the different parties are preparing themselves for an environment with the same competition and collaboration that are typical on Earth, which will require new regulations and international norms and will create novel opportunities for industry and innovation, from transportation and satellite communications to data sharing, artificial intelligence, and national security.

On a recent joint Georgetown and Atlantic Council masters’ class, GeoTech Director Dr. David Bray shared his insights on the seminar’s question: “Cybersecurity of Space-Based Assets and Why This Is Important.” This masters’ class also featured GeoTech Fellows and experts Dr. William Jeffrey, Chuck Brooks, and Dr. Divya Chander.

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Image: Foto de Sam Kolder en Pexels