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November 12, 2020

Data Trusts: The key to better AI

By Atlantic Council

George Zarkadakis, PhD, one of the GeoTech Center’s celebrated Nonresident Senior Fellows, recently published an article in the Harvard Business Review on how Data Trusts could bring about a safer, more effective, and importantly more human form of Artificial Intelligence. In his article, Dr. Zarkadakis outlines the theory behind data trusts, as well a consideration of what is necessary for data trusts to take shape. Summarizing his vision, Dr. Zarkadakis explained:

The journey to becoming a data-driven organization fit for the emerging AI economy is long and arduous. Data trusts are an opportunity for collaboration between organizations to make that journey faster, less costly, and less risky. And they can make data-monetization rewards more handsome by co-developing marketable AI applications and giving third parties controlled access to members’ data. Moreover, as we discovered during our pilot, a data trust can also help inspire creativity, cross-functional collaboration, and innovation, and can attract digital talent. As wearables, smart appliances, and 5G networks proliferate and combine into the “Intelligent Internet of Things,” data sharing and collaboration will become the norm. Data trusts can help companies make the leap to this new era.”

Read Dr. Zarkadakis’s full article below, and check out the GeoTech Center’s website and programming for more information on the future of Data Trusts.

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