On July 21, nonresident senior fellow Jason Davidson wrote in The National Interest about how the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi may have consequences for Western unity on the war in Ukraine.

“Draghi’s resignation will likely fundamentally change Italy’s stance on the war and posture toward Russia. Current polling suggests that the Right is likely to triumph in the September elections. Leaders of Italy’s major right-wing parties have a history of support for Vladimir Putin,” Davidson predicted.

“Even if a coalition of right-wing parties does not win outright in September, Italy’s position on the Russo-Ukrainian War is still likely to change. Historically, the Italian public has had a pro-Russian current and is divided on who is to blame for the war in Ukraine. Italy’s media has given Kremlin-friendly voices lots of airtime to defend Russia’s actions since February. Notably, the left-populist Five Star Movement ruptured recently over the Draghi government’s decision to send military aid to Ukraine.”

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