Breaking Defense quotes Cyber Statecraft Initiative Director Jason Healey on the US National Guard’s cyber warfare capabilities:

Every state is authorized to have an eight-soldier Army National Guard network security team, though some Adjutants General didn’t even know this option even existed until recently, and they have to find the funding themselves without federal help. The Air National Guard has a range of “network warfare” and “information warfare” squadrons of varying sizes, structures, and skill levels.

Some of these Air Guard units are impressive, said Atlantic Council cyber expert Jason Healey: “[There’s] the 262nd Network Warfare Squadron in Seattle (which includes lots of people from Microsoft), [and] the 175th Network Warfare Squadron at Fort Meade is deeply embedded in NSA work.”

“But states are increasingly trying to grab cyber mission for more budget, especially as more traditional missions are pared back,” Healey went on. “This threatens to poison the whole effort as so many state piranha are trying to feed from the same mission.”

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