Cyber Statecraft Initiative Director Jason Healey is quoted by Inside Cybersecurity on a new report from the Atlantic Council and the Zurich Insurance Group which emphasizes the need to bolster cybersecurity infrastructure in order to withstand future global shocks to the Internet:

Institutions worldwide must confront the high risk that stems from their dependence on information technology and build resilience to withstand future global shocks to the Internet — a point underscored by the recent Heartbleed vulnerability, according to a new report from the Atlantic Council and Zurich Insurance Group.


The Heartbleed security flaw, which recently stunned security experts worldwide and has widespread implications, is a harbinger of future shocks, according to report author Jason Healey, the head of the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

“The recent Heartbleed vulnerability demonstrates the main message of the report,” he said in a statement. “The Internet is so complex and tightly coupled to the real world, it turns out we were all gravely exposed to a cyber risk in an obscure technology that few understand and we didn’t see coming. This time it was just passwords, but what happens once the internet is connected to the electrical grid or driverless cars?”

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