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In the News December 14, 2021

Towards a Better Internet

By Maxwell Kushnir

Some think our current Web 2.0 is flawed. Dr. George Zarkadakis, nonresident senior fellow at the Geotech Center, believes Web 2.0 is problematic on three counts. First, personal data is a trove of financial and informational value, but it is “gathered, analyzed, and monetized by private companies while we accept cookies in a hurry.” Second, this data, and much of the wider internet architecture, is “highly susceptible to cyberattacks – such as Denial of Service (DoS).” Third, middlemen in the form of techno-oligarchic capitalists have “assumed the high office of unelected arbitrators of what is true and permissible, replacing the role of legislatures, courts, and governments.”

In his new book chapter, Dr. Zarkadakis lays the intellectual groundwork for a new internet. Dr. Zarkadakis reimagines Web 3.0 as a “cloud commonwealth” embodying the democratic values our societies champion. In this brave new internet, citizens will own their data, interact directly with one another and much more.

Read Dr. Zarkadakis’s full essay at the link below.

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