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In the News October 22, 2020

In the News: Sara-Jayne Terp’s quest to quash misinformation

By Atlantic Council

WIRED recently highlighted the work of Sara-Jayne “SJ” Terp, the GeoTech Center’s Senior Advisor for Data and Community. The article tells the story of SJ’s storied career as a leader in the fields of cybersecurity and misinformation, describing her firsthand experience with fighting malware and manipulative information campaigns. Despite having seen the dark side of misinformation in its most egregious forms, particularly during her own experience with COVID-19 and related false messaging, SJ remains optimistic about people’s capability to overcome attempts to misguide them.

“She’s also cautiously optimistic about the strength of the network that’s under assault. On her road trip, Terp says, the more she drove, the more hopeful she became. ­People were proud of their cities, loved their communities. She saw that when people have something concrete to fight for, they are less prone to end up in phantom battles against illusory enemies. “You have to involve ­people in their own solution,” she says. By creating a world where misinformation makes more sense, Terp hopes more people will be able to reject it.”

Read the whole story at the link below to learn more about SJ’s incredible work and her vision for the information networks of the future.

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