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September 15, 2020

Jessett quoted in The Economist: Britain’s armed forces get ready for a revolution

By Will Jessett CBE

Image: Pictured is a Reserve Soldier awaiting instructions on a live fire range for the SA80 weapon system at Battle Hill Ranges, County Durham as part of Exercise YORKSHIRE STRIKE. 4 YORKS, an Army Reserve infantry unit based across Yorkshire, conducted Ex YORKSHIRE STRIKE on the 10th Febuary 2021. This training package included cross-country driving, rifle ranges, and tactical skills as part of a Potential Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (PJNCO) course. The exercise was conducted across three counties – County Durham, Cumbria, and North Yorkshire. It also involved personnel from 4 LANCS and the QOY. Training like this demonstrates the Army’s commitment to developing its soldiers and continuing to ensure operational effectiveness during these difficult times. All training was conducted according to Covid-19 protocols. Personnel were bubbled together, with external visitors wearing masks and remaining socially distanced at all times. Travel was only conducted when it was deemed to be essential according to UK Government guidance.