On October 10, an article by Dr. Andrew Mitcha, director and senior fellow of the Scowcroft Strategy Initiative, was published in City Journal on the implications of Hamas’s attack on Israel for strategic competition. Michta argued that the attack demonstrates that mass is still key on the battlefield and the possibility of a wider war across theatres is sooner than many expect. He also advocated for rebuilding the defense-industrial capacity of the United States and Europe before asserting that “we should stop talking about our strategic priorities in terms of values and ideals alone, for these won’t resonate with the American people.”

We urgently need a debate on national security that evokes not only norms and values but also the geostrategic and geoeconomic interests of the United States. We have no time to waste.

Andrew Michta

The Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security works to develop sustainable, nonpartisan strategies to address the most important security challenges facing the United States and the world.

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