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September 18, 2020

Securing a future for farmers through technology

By Atlantic Council

COVID-19 has shaken up markets across the globe as much as it has societies, but perhaps no supply chain has been as impacted as that of food and agriculture. Farmers themselves, and the leaders who advocate for them, have been the first to notice these dramatic developments, as shipments were delayed or even canceled due to catastrophic decline in demand, forcing farmers to dump excess goods or sacrifice already tough margins. Fortunately, though, technology promises a brighter future, one where data shared over the internet can connect farmers directly with the people consuming their products. As Dr. David Bray, Director of the GeoTech Center, explained at the recent Agricultural Science Association of Ireland 2020 Conference, the world will need to consider an international approach, with far-reaching political implications, in order to rethink our current supply chains and meet the needs of our growing population, even with natural and human made shocks disrupting along the way.

Watch the whole livestream event below, including Dr. Bray’s comments starting from timestamp 21:23, to hear more about these exciting developments in the agricultural field, and be sure to keep a look out for the GeoTech Center’s upcoming programming surrounding the future of Agriculture and Technology!

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