Wieslander speaks at Lennart Meri Conference in Estonia

On May 15th, Anna Wieslander spoke at the Lennart Meri Conference in Tallinn. Her concluding panel “Trusting Who We Are: Baltic Regional Security,” moderated by President of Estonia Alar Karis, took place on the verge of Swedish and Finnish NATO membership applications.

Bringing two EU members into NATO’s framework will “solidify the West,” Wieslander said. Attempts at dialogue and creating a common security framework with Russia had failed. Today, “a security architecture in Europe cannot include Russia,” Wieslander argued. “It has to deal with Russia but it cannot include Russia.” This did not mean there was no potential for cooperation on issues of common interest, but ”the security order—what we strive to secure—is opposed to Russia.”

Other panelists included Artis Pabriks, Deputy Prime Minister for Comprehensive Defence, Minister of Defence of Latvia; Charly Salonius-Pasternak Researcher, Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA); and François Heisbourg Senior Advisor, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

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