Expert Panel Discusses the State of Democracy in Africa

On Tuesday, June 18, the Africa Center hosted a public event on the state of democracy in Africa, occasioned by the launch of the new book Democracy Works: Rewiring Politics to Africa’s Advantage, co-authored and presented by Brenthurst Foundation Director Dr. Greg Mills and former Zimbabwean Minister of Finance Mr. Tendai Biti. The panelists offered explanations as to why the democratic model has outperformed authoritarianism in Africa, noting that societal openness has consistently brought with it lower levels of volatility and higher economic growth. Audience members engaged the panel on how the youth bulge, urbanization, and migration will affect the future of democracy in Africa.

Image: Africa Center Senior Fellow Cameron Hudson moderates a panel discussion at the Atlantic Council with former Zimbabwean Minister of Finance Tendai Biti and Brenthurst Foundation Director Greg Mills (Atlantic Council/James Wholley)