Dec 2, 2022

The Africa investment imperative: Diversification and resilience amid economic downturns

By Aubrey Hruby and Guillaume Arditti

At a time when investors are faced with high risks due to a global economic downturn, African markets are a viable investment opportunity.

Africa Democratic Transitions


Nov 16, 2022

Ukrainian victory can deal a decisive blow to Russian imperialism

By Danylo Lubkivsky

Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine is an attempt to drag the world back to an era of imperial aggression. The best way to make sure he fails is to provide Ukraine with the arms and financial support it needs to win the war.

Conflict Democratic Transitions


Nov 16, 2022

Experts react: Appointment of a new army chief in Pakistan

By South Asia Center experts

With Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa set to retire on November 29, 2022, the appointment of a new army chief prompts a new set of challenges. South Asia Center experts provide their analyses of the situation.

Democratic Transitions Pakistan


Nov 14, 2022

Odesa rejects Catherine the Great as Putin’s invasion makes Russia toxic

By Oleksiy Goncharenko

Work is underway to dismantle a controversial monument to Russian Empress Catherine the Great in Ukrainian Black Sea port city Odesa as Vladimir Putin's invasion forces Ukrainians to rethink historic ties with Russia.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

Nov 10, 2022

Can Meloni hold together Italy’s fractious governing coalition while staying tough on Russia?

By Nick O’Connell

Italian domestic politics risk spilling across borders and testing EU and NATO unity in the face of Russian aggressions.

Democratic Transitions Elections

New Atlanticist

Nov 8, 2022

How the West can help build Kazakh democracy

By Benton Coblentz

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev’s makeover of Kazakhstan's politics is incomplete, but the West should offer support to push it in the right direction.

Central Asia Democratic Transitions

In the News

Nov 4, 2022

Riaz in The Daily Star: A constitution without constitutionalism?

By Atlantic Council

Bangladesh Democratic Transitions

Event Recap

Nov 3, 2022

Turmoil and transition: Iraq twenty years after the invasion

By Madeline Hart and Nour Alhajjeh

An Atlantic Council conference on Iraq's security, environment, economy, and democratic institutions brought together high-level officials from across the region and the United States to explore innovative solutions.

Corruption Democratic Transitions

Fast Thinking

Oct 30, 2022

Lula is back in Brazil. Here’s what’s coming.

By Atlantic Council

How will Brazil reposition itself on the world stage? Our experts peer into the future that awaits.

Americas Brazil

Experts react

Oct 30, 2022

Experts react: Lula defeats Bolsonaro in Brazil. What should the region and the world expect?

By Atlantic Council experts

We turned to our Latin America experts to get a sense of the coming policy shift for Brazil both at home and abroad.

Brazil Democratic Transitions