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Baiba Braže

Fri, Jan 22, 2021

#DFRLabCoffeeBreak with Assistant Secretary General of NATO Baiba Braže

Assistant Secretary General of NATO for Public Diplomacy joins DFRLab's Lukas Andriukaitis for the latest #DFRLabCoffeeBreak.


Disinformation English

Tue, Jan 19, 2021

Ukraine’s cultural revival is a matter of national security

Culture and identity have been at the heart of the hybrid war waged by Russia against Ukraine for the past seven years.

UkraineAlert by Marina Pesenti

Disinformation Nationalism
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Jan 19, 2021

#AlertaVenezuela: January 19, 2021

After hospitals in the Brazilian city Manaus ran out of oxygen to help treat COVID-19 on January 14, Maduro offered to make oxygen available to the neighboring country.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Wed, Jan 13, 2021

#AlertaVenezuela: January 13, 2021

Maduro security forces to combatted gangs Caracas' slums resulting in a “massacre,” self-described Chavista Twitter accounts politicized and celebrated the killings. The DFRLab found signs of inauthentic behavior among the accounts.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela

Tue, Jan 12, 2021

Build an Atlantic-Pacific partnership: NATO 20/2020 podcast

NATO is the only institution capable of organizing transatlantic and transpacific stakeholders to address China’s political, military, and information threats.

NATO 20/2020 by Transatlantic Security Initative

Australia China
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

#AlertaVenezuela: January 5, 2021

A video posted by a Colombian YouTube channel showed unsubstantiated claims on the extradition process of Maduro’s diplomat Alex Saab and amplified false claims about the U.S. presidential elections.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

A cyber wish list at a ‘moment of reckoning’

The recent SUNBURST compromise of numerous government and private sector company networks has led some, including Microsoft President Brad Smith, to dub the incident a “moment of reckoning.” Here's what our experts are wishing for this holiday season.

New Atlanticist by Simon Handler

Cybersecurity Disinformation

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

Vaccine hesitancy part 2: Effective strategies for a human-centered health campaign

Dr. Tiffany Vora continues her insights on vaccine hesitancy by laying out a human-centered health campaign approach that multiple sectors, from public health to social media companies, can consider.

GeoTech Cues by Tiffany Vora, PhD

Coronavirus Disinformation
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

#AlertaVenezuela: December 22, 2020

After the disappearance of 40 migrants at sea, public discontent grew against the ongoing humanitarian and economic crises, as well as the corruption and slow response of President Maduro.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela

Mon, Dec 21, 2020

To defend US elections, we must recognize that the fault is in ourselves

It is time to put money toward state information infrastructure, to align public expectations with the pace of the democratic process, and to hold elected leaders accountable for lighting fires in information dumpsters.

New Atlanticist by Nina Kollars and Michael Rodriguez

Cybersecurity Disinformation


Thu, Jan 28, 2021

Disinformation, domestic extremism, and the threat to democracy

Online Event Congressman Tom Malinowski joins the DFRLab to discuss how online disinformation and organization led to the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

11:00am Democratic Transitions Disinformation Extremism United States and Canada

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