Feb 26, 2024

I’m a Yemeni minister and I believe the Houthi designation is not enough

By Moammar Al-Eryani

The Biden administration’s decision to revoke the Houthi terrorist designation contributed to the complexity of the Yemeni crisis. To avoid replicating the same scenario, a new approach must be taken to counter the Houthis.

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Feb 22, 2024

The future of Saudi-Israeli relations is a balancing act between Palestinian and regional interests

By R. Clarke Cooper

Any credible movement to formalize bilateral relations between Riyadh and Jerusalem cannot ignore what the Saudis have consistently stated about the two-state solution.

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Feb 22, 2024

The United States needs a new Iran policy—and it involves regime change, but not the traditional kind

By Kelly Shannon

The tactics of 1979 are not enough in the 2020s. Additional strategies are necessary, and international support will be critical to ensuring the success of any mass democratic movement in Iran.

Democratic Transitions Iran


Feb 20, 2024

Here’s what an uncoordinated US withdrawal from Syria would look like. It’s bad for many partners, but especially Turkey.

By Ömer Özkizilcik

An uncoordinated withdrawal from Syria by the United States could pose significant risks for Turkey, leaving the country alone against Iran and Russia.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia


Feb 18, 2024

Regardless of Sisi’s decision on Palestinian refugees in Rafah, he will not emerge as a winner  

By Shahira Amin

Now that Israel has clarified its intent to undertake operations in Rafah, after evacuating the nearly 1.4 million displaced Palestinians who have sought a safe haven in the Gaza Strip’s southern city, it may only be a matter of time before the Egyptian's president's true intentions are revealed.

Conflict Middle East

Inflection Points Today

Jan 30, 2024

The Qatari prime minister on what this weekend’s hostage negotiations say about the future of the Middle East

By Frederick Kempe

The success of Qatari mediation will be a leading indicator of what is possible.

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Jan 26, 2024

My son is being held hostage in Gaza. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, should October 7 be evoked?

By Jonathan Dekel-Chen

The destruction and suffering wrought by Hamas on that horrible day stand alone. 

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Jan 25, 2024

Can whatever remains of Hamas in Gaza be administratively and politically rehabilitated?

By Ahmed Fouad Alkhatib

The realities on the ground and Israel’s inability to fully eradicate Hamas necessitate addressing this uncomfortable question.

Conflict Israel


Jan 13, 2024

In Yemen and elsewhere, manageable local issues are driving an unmanageable regional crisis

By Borzou Daragahi

The United States and international response should remain otherwise measured so as not to play into the hands of the Houthis.

Iran Middle East


Jan 12, 2024

Six big questions about US-led strikes against the Houthis, answered

By Kirsten Fontenrose

Ahead of authorizing the strikes, Biden had to carefully consider arguments for and against conducting strikes to limit the Houthis’ capacity to continue waging war on international shipping.

Iran Middle East