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May 21, 2024

Ukraine’s soccer stars aim for Euro 2024 glory amid Russian invasion

By Mark Temnycky

The Ukrainian national soccer team heads to Euro 2024 in Germany this summer hoping to provide their war-weary compatriots with a much-needed morale boost, writes Mark Temnycky.

Conflict Freedom and Prosperity


May 20, 2024

How Cabo Verde is highlighting the rich history of the Jewish people in Africa

By El Mehdi Boudra

From Rabat to Praia, a new generation of African leaders is reclaiming their Jewish history and realizing a brighter future.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

May 17, 2024

Why Georgia’s ruling party is pushing for the foreign agent law—and how the West should respond

By Maia Nikoladze and Ana Lejava

The West’s response to Georgia’s foreign agent law should hold the ruling party accountable without punishing the wider Georgian population.

Corruption Eastern Europe


May 16, 2024

Anger and defiance in Kharkiv as advancing Russian troops draw closer

By Maria Avdeeva

The mood in Kharkiv is a mix of anger, anxiety, and defiance as Ukraine's second city prepares to defend itself against a new Russian offensive, writes Maria Avdeeva.

Conflict Drones


May 15, 2024

Georgia’s government uses Kremlin playbook to consolidate grip on power

By Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland

The Georgian government's efforts to adopt a Kremlin-style law imposing restrictions on civil society has sparked huge protests and led to questions over the country's future geopolitical direction, writes Lucy Minicozzi-Wheeland.

Civil Society Democratic Transitions


May 9, 2024

Russia’s Georgia strategy offers hints of Kremlin vision for Ukraine

By Nicholas Chkhaidze

Russia's attempts to force Georgia back into the Kremlin orbit via political control offer a hint of Moscow's vision for a future settlement with a defeated Ukraine, writes Nicholas Chkhaidze.

Conflict Disinformation


May 2, 2024

Ukraine’s new mobilization law leaves demobilization issue unresolved

By Elena Davlikanova, Kateryna Odarchenko

Ukraine urgently needs to replenish the ranks of the country's depleted military, but the recently adopted mobilization law fails to address the key issue of demobilization, write Elena Davlikanova and Kateryna Odarchenko.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

May 2, 2024

Is the Bangladesh success story unraveling?

By Ali Riaz

As the Bangladesh’s system of governance has become more autocratic, social development has received less attention from the government.

Bangladesh Fiscal and Structural Reform


Apr 17, 2024

US House resolution: Russian abduction of Ukrainian children is genocide

By Kristina Hook, Christopher Atwood

A recent US House resolution clearly articulates Russia’s genocidal crimes in Ukraine. Western leaders must now follow such statements with the necessary actions, write Kristina Hook and Christopher Atwood.

Conflict Freedom and Prosperity

New Atlanticist

Apr 16, 2024

Slovakia’s presidential choice reinforces its anti-Western leanings

By Soňa Muzikárová

The victory of a Moscow-friendly populist in Slovakia’s presidential election is a worrisome shift away from Western, democratic norms.

Central Europe Elections