WASHINGTON, DC – September 21, 2022 – Today, the Atlantic Council launched the Millennium Leadership Alumni Board to galvanize seven years of Millennium Leadership fellows around the program’s pillars of community, leadership, and impact. The Board, which will bring together fellows from 2015-2021, will focus on connecting previous Millennium Leadership Program (MLP) members to programming and opportunities with the aim of driving better outcomes for tomorrow.

Co-chaired and launched by 2021 fellows Gurpreet Brar and Salome Makharadze, the Board will function as a continuation of the Millennium Fellowship, which is often recognized and referred to as one of the most sought-after future leaders’ programs, but with the specific focus of connecting fellows across classes to drive continued learnings and opportunities. The first board, announced today in Washington, DC, brings together sixteen alumni of the Millennium Fellowship. Board members represent fellows from each year the Fellowship has run, and a cross section of global issues and regions. 

Jonah Fisher, Director of the Atlantic Council’s Millennium Leadership Program, said, “This is an exciting day in the history of the MLP family, as we now look to define a new chapter for our community. The board will bring together years of knowledge and heritage, and will deepen the impact for participants both during and beyond the Fellowship. I cannot wait to see how this group organizes and works to drive outcomes.”

The board, which begins work on September 23, will convene fellows from the private sector, public sector and academia. Board members hail from organizations including Goldman Sachs, Meta, Google, UBS, BNP Paribas, Edelman, Harvard University and local governments.

For more on The Millennium Fellowship check out details about the class of 2022 here and for further information or to arrange an interview with a fellow, please contact Millennium Leadership Program Director Jonah Fisher at jfisher@atlanticcouncil.org.