Action Council experts

Mr. John Ackerly, CEO and Cofounder at Virtru

Dr. Roberto Alvarez, Executive Director at the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils

Mr. Desire Banse, Senior Software Engineer at Prometheus Consulting LLC

Dr. Sandra Berrios-Torres, Scientific Advisor         

Dr. Sam Blazek, Director, Research & Development at IST Research Corp

Dr. Reggie Brothers, CEO at

Mr. Stuart Brotman, Howard Distinguished Endowed Professor of Media Management and Law; and Beaman Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Mr. Kevin Clark, Chairman and CEO at ChoiceFlows

Mr. Andrew Cote, Board Member, Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict Division at the National Defense Industrial Association

Mr. Ajay Dugar, Head of Strategic Partnerships at BANQloop

Dr. Pari Esfandiari, President at Global TechnoPolitics Forum

Dr. Kristin Farry, Engineer at the U.S. Navy

Ms. Christina Gerakiteys, Co-CEO at Singularity University, Australia

Mr. Bob Gourley, CTO & Co-Founder at OODA

Mr. Robert Greenberg, CEO at G&H International Services Inc.

Ms. Annie Jacobsen, Journalist and Author            

Dr. William Jeffrey, CEO at SRI International

Mr. Charles Jennings, Founder at TrustArc

Mr. Thomas Koch, Director of Global Capital & Strategy at FCA Corp

Dr. Joanne Lo, CEO and Founder at Elysian Labs, Inc.

Dr. Richard Lum, CEO at Vision Foresight Strategy LLC

Mr. Juraj Majcin, PhD Candidate in International Law at Graduate Institute

Ms. Jody Medich, Principal Design Researcher, Office of the CTO at Microsoft

Dr. Kathryn Newcomer, Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration at Trachtenberg School, George Washington University

Ms. Reema Patel, Head of Public Engagement at Ada Lovelace Institute

Ms. Meredith Potter, Advisor to Dr. Henry Kissinger, Dr. Eric Schmidt, & Dr. Dan Huttenlocher

Dr. Eric Rasmussen, CEO at Infinitum Humanitarian Systems

Dr. Natalie Rens, CEO and Founder at Astreia

Mr. Alex Ruiz, Founder at Phaedrus Engineering

Mr. Paul Saffo, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University

Mr. Eric Sapp, President at Public Democracy

Dr. Pat Scannell, Founder and Principal at Technestar, LLC

Mr. Sahil Shah, Director and Cofounder at Sustainable Seaweed

Ms. Nathana Sharma, General Counsel at Labelbox

Ms. Dina Sherif, Executive Director at MIT’s Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Sam Sherman, Candidate at Harvard Kennedy School of Government’s Master of Public Policy

Ms. Bobbie Stempfley, Vice President and Business Unit Security Officer at Dell Technologies

Dr. Sonja Stuchtey, Director – Enterprise Improvement at AlixPartners

Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, Professor at the School of Engineering and Opus College of Business, University of St. Thomas

Dr. Gregory F. Treverton, Chairman at Global TechnoPolitics Forum

Mr. Zach Verdin, Director of Strategic Programs at Knowledge Futures Group

Mr. R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman at Constellation Research

Dr. Eleanor “Nell” Watson, Chair at ECPAIS Transparency Experts Focus Group IEEE

Mr. Sean Watson, Loomis Council Member at The Stimson Center

Ms. Amy Webb, Founder and CEO at the Future Today Institute

Dr. Lin Wells, Executive Advisor, C4I and Cyber Center at George Mason University

Maj. Gen. Brett T. Williams, USAF, (Ret.), Cofounder at IronNet Cybersecurity

Mr. Steven Witt, CEO and Co-Founder at

Mr. Chris Wong, Chairman and CEO at Lifesite

Mr. Beau Woods, Senior Advisor CISA