Sep 15, 2023

Planning around strategic supply chains will require more than just ‘listing’ of critical minerals

By Reed Blakemore

We need to ensure that our minerals policy does not become overly clerkish, prescribing problems rather than solving them. Capturing the supply/demand dynamism between each critical mineral will illuminate the pathways to build a cohesive minerals strategy.

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Salar de Olaroz Lithium Mine, Argentina


Aug 16, 2023

One year after the IRA, the hard work to build resilient mineral supply chains is only beginning

By Reed Blakemore, Paddy Ryan

Twelve months since the IRA’s bet big on alternative mineral supply chains, the clean energy commodities market is changing. Washington’s strategy must change along with it.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions
California Home Solar


Aug 14, 2023

The IRA is transforming the US energy system—starting with homes

By Julia Pyper

One year after the IRA, the collective actions of households are powering a historic effort to modernize the US energy system by increasing system resilience, accelerating decarbonization, and bolstering economic stability. 

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment
Man holding an incandescent bulb.


Aug 9, 2023

The IRA supercharged US R&D. But does it go far enough?

By William Tobin

The IRA intends to stake a claim for US leadership in decarbonization by providing much needed funding for key clean energy research programs. However, US R&D spending has still not reached parity with historical levels.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

In-Depth Research & Reports

Aug 7, 2023

The on-ramp for hydrogen: The natural gas network

By Cynthia Quarterman

This Global Energy Center report examines how blending hydrogen into US gas pipelines can quickly support demand growth for this key technology for US decarbonization objectives. The report provides recommendations for how policymakers can create a favorable regulatory environment to overcome technical obstacles to scaling up hydrogen deployment.

Energy & Environment Renewables & Advanced Energy


Mar 30, 2023

The US clean energy transformation can’t happen at the expense of national security

By Francis R. Fannon

The pace of the energy transition has, to this point, depended on low-cost Chinese production. But the supply chains that have driven clean tech deployment jeopardize US national security and must be remade.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions


Sep 13, 2022

In an ecosystem of growth for batteries, a diversity of options is key

By William Tobin

In the current battery market, much of the demand—and much of the supply chain stress—falls on lithium, whose electrochemical properties make it ideal for energy storage. But other battery technologies could play their own roles, particularly in grid-scale storage. An all-of-the-above approach would allow them to contribute significantly to the energy transition.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions

Issue Brief

Sep 13, 2022

Alternative battery chemistries and diversifying clean energy supply chains

By Reed Blakemore, Paddy Ryan, William Tobin

In an ecosystem of growth for batteries for grid storage and electric vehicle applications, alternatives to the lithium-ion battery chemistry may play an increasing role in alleviating supply chain woes and enabling deep decarbonization.

Australia China


Aug 8, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act places a big bet on alternative mineral supply chains

By Reed Blakemore, Paddy Ryan

The Inflation Reduction Act’s consumer electric vehicle tax credit will create strong demand for alternative minerals, sourced and processed outside of existing supply chains. The ability for these alternative supplies to meaningfully diversify mineral value chains hinges on further investment and policymaking effort.

Energy & Environment Energy Markets & Governance


Apr 28, 2022

The US should leverage 45Q for the graphite supply crunch

By William Tobin

The US is staring down a significant shortfall in the supply of graphite, a critical mineral to the energy transition. Synthetic graphite production using captured carbon could be the way forward, and the 45Q tax credit is the best tool policymakers have to stimulate it.

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security

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