Q: How do I join the Millennium Leadership Program?
A: The Millennium Leadership Program (MLP) is the Atlantic Council’s platform for engaging exceptional leaders twenty-five to thirty-five years old around the world. MLP’s flagship program is the the Millennium Fellowship, however other programs are sometimes offered such as our NATO Fellows program which is connected to the NATO Summit gatherings. Rising leaders interested in joining the Millennium Fellowship should apply directly during the application period which begins annually in the winter. Those interested in joining other programs should check the website periodically for updates to see if other program opportunities are available and apply directly to those.

Q: How do I apply to the Millennium Fellowship?
A: The Millennium Fellowship is the Atlantic Council’s flagship next generation initiative. The application requires basic personal information (name, email contact, citizenship, etc.), responses to short essay questions, and a copy of your resume. The recruiting period is generally through the winter into early spring. Once you have submitted your application through the online form, you should receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email [email protected]

Q: Am I too old for the Millennium Fellowship?
A: The Millennium Fellowship is open to anyone who is twenty-five to thirty-five years old as of the application deadline for the current cycle of applications. Applicants who are thirty-six years old will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Leaders who are thirty-seven years old or older on the application deadline are not eligible to apply.

Q: Are citizens of all countries eligible to apply for the Millennium Fellowship?
A: Yes. While you will need a passport to travel internationally for the core programming, the Fellowship is open to next generation leaders from all countries.

Q: What is the time commitment for the Millennium Fellowship?
A: Millennium Fellows must commit to approximately 40 hours of virtual convenings and distance learning over the twelve months in addition to two weeks of international travel. The Millennium Fellowship is not a full-time fellowship.

1.    Fellowship Orientation and Leadership Retreat: 1 week in the summer, typically July/August.

2.    Interim Work Period – webinars, coaching sessions, individual leadership practice: Several months between the orientation and the Study Tour.

3.    Study Tour: 1 week in fall or winter, typically between late October and early March, depending on tour destination.

4.    Second Leadership Retreat in Washington, DC: 1 week in the summer, typically July/August.

Q: How long does the Millennium Fellowship last?
A: The Fellowship is a one-year, part-time opportunity. The fellows are encouraged to engage with the Council on projects of individual interest during their year-long program and attend additional flagship events such as the Abu Dahbi Global Energy Forum, NATO Engages, and others. At the end of the year, fellows will become program alumni with over 500+ members with opportunities to continue engaging with the Atlantic Council.

Q: Will the Atlantic Council cover expenses related to my visa for travel for the Millennium Fellowship?
A: No. Fellows are responsible for acquiring their own travel visas at their own cost. The Council can assist in this process by writing invitation letters confirming participation in the Millennium Fellowship events to support your visa application, but will not cover expenses associated with this process.

Q: Is the Millennium Fellowship free?
A: Fellows will pay annual dues to be in the network. The dues are $950 for nonprofit, academic and public sector members and $10,000 for corporate, private sector members. These dues cover the study tour, retreat and other travel features. Fellows are responsible for international and domestic airfare, visas and any incidentals incurred while traveling. The cost of travel is variable and depends on the number of fellows attending, event expenses, and the amount of funding available to off-set participant costs. Fellows will be informed of the travel costs well before the departure dates. Fellow should expect to self-finance participation in other optional events outside the core program, though sometimes we are able to offer travel support for these events as well on a case by case basis.
The Atlantic Council does offer partial or full stipends for exceptional candidates who cannot afford the dues. Our selection process is need-blind, so we review applications and select the best candidates before taking into account their financial needs.

Q: What costs does the Millennium Fellowship cover for fellows?
A: The Atlantic Council covers accommodation and most meals required for fellows’ participation in Millennium Fellowship core programming. However, fellows are required to pay their dues in order to participate in events. The Council will not cover airfare, visa processing fees or incidental expenses incurred while traveling (extra meals outside planned group meals, taxi costs, minibar charges at hotels, etc.). Travel and expenses for attendance at non-core events, such as the NATO Summit, Abu Dahbi Global Energy Forum, and other flagship gatherings is not guaranteed, though is sometimes possible depending on budgets and the number of delegates.

Q: I can’t afford the Millennium Fellowship dues. How do I apply for a subsidy or waiver?
A: You may only request financial support if you are offered acceptance to the program. In this circumstance, you must request support before accepting the official offer letter, which outlines the financial commitments. To request support, simply email program staff and state that you wish to waive the dues fee or other travel expenses. There is also an option on the application to indicate your need for financial consideration. Your request may or may not be approved depending on the funding available.

Q: Is the Millennium Fellowship a full-time position or job?
A: No. This is a part-time opportunity with fellows maintaining their current positions in their current locations; they are only required to travel for Millennium Fellowship core programming which totals two weeks over the course of the program.

Q: Does the Millennium Fellowship pay fellows? What is the salary of a Millennium Fellow?
A: No, the Millennium Fellowship is a professional development opportunity and not a paid position. As such, fellows receive no payments. Some fellows may have their dues and travel costs waived, but this is limited and only awarded under special circumstances determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: I am still a student. Am I eligible to apply for the Millennium Fellowship?
A: The Millennium Fellowship is open to anyone who is twenty-five to thirty-five years old as of the application deadline for the current cycle of applications, including students.

Q: I missed the application deadline. Is there any way I can be considered for this year’s program still?
A: All applications received by the deadline are guaranteed a full review by multiple reviewers. Applications submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed the same level of consideration. After the deadline, individuals may email a resume to [email protected] and request to be considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no guarantee these requests will be granted or replied to.

Q: What is the average cost of the program per fellow?
A: The real cost of participation in the Millennium Fellowship, including travel, accommodations, meals, event expenses, and organizing labor, is approximately $30,000 per fellow. Fellows are required to pay dues, which are a small fraction of this (the dues are $10,000 for private sector/corporate members and $950 for nonprofit/public sector/academic members).

Q: What happens after the Millennium Fellowship twelve-month program is over?
A: Fellows join an alumni-community comprised of 500+ individuals. The alumni membership consists of an optional peer group-based structure and serves as a way for the fellows to stay engaged with their fellow community and the Atlantic Council more broadly.

Q: Are government employees eligible to participate in the Millennium Fellowship?
A: Yes. Government employees are eligible. They are responsible for completing any internal requirements to participate, if their employer has them.

Q: Who funds the Millennium Leadership Program?
A: The program is supported by a diverse portfolio of funding sources, including a combination of grants from nonprofit, charitable, and corporate foundations, individuals, companies and corporate sponsors, the Atlantic Council’s own funds, and the dues provided by members.

Q: Does the Millennium Fellowship provide living expenses?
A: No, the fellowship is not a full-time position and does not require an extended stay in any one location. As such, the fellowship does not provide living expenses.

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