Founded in 2019, SAC’s Pakistan Initiative is the premier platform for conversations on the political economy of Pakistan. The core elements of the initiative help build an adapted, inclusive body of work that bridges the gap between the West and Pakistan by encouraging partnerships, free and fair trade, democratic values, and the core elements of the rules-based order.

Second Annual Pakistan Conference


On February 11, 2024, Pakistan Initiative experts explored the dynamic political economy of Pakistan in the days after the 2024 general election. A panel of experts, moderated by Nonresident Senior Fellow and Former Director of the Pakistan Initiative Uzair Younus—delved into the evolving landscape and its implications.
In a June 2023 interview, former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan confirmed that there was indeed an opening for peace with India—despite New Delhi’s rescinding of disputed Jammu and Kashmir’s semi-autonomous status in 2019—and the Pakistani army chief favored it. (Bajwa had previously revealed this plan to reporters.)
“The way in which we engage with issues, the solutions we find for them, and our ability to implement those solutions will decide the direction of Pakistan’s policy in the coming decade, two decades. . . and it will decide the direction of Pakistan’s foreign policy in the times to come,” said former Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in December 2022 at an Atlantic Council Front Page event.


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