• Nuclear Issues for NATO After the Strategic Concept

    Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group member and former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Walt Slocombe analyzes how the 2010 NATO Strategic Concept will impact Alliance nuclear politics and posture in “Nuclear Issues for NATO After the Strategic Concept.”
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  • NATO Foreign Ministers Reach Agreement on Nuclear Issues and Missile Defense

    NATO Nuclear Agreement

    From NATO: Let me finally turn back to last night’s dinner discussions on nuclear issues and missile defence. Yesterday, before the dinner, I gave you my views on these issues. Now the discussion amongst all the Allies has begun, and I expect it to continue right up to November when the new Strategic Concept will be agreed. Let me give you a read out:

    Ministers agreed:  that the nuclear issue is important in our work on the new Strategic Concept;

    that the Alliance remains, as always, firmly committed to maintaining the security of its members, but at the lowest possible level of nuclear forces;

    that a broad sharing of the burden for NATO’s nuclear policy remains essential;

    that decisions on our nuclear policy will be made by the


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