• The EU's "Money-for-Migration" Deal with Mali Won't Work

    Over the weekend, European Union (EU) officials struck a deal with the West African nation of Mali to provide development funds in exchange for the country accepting the return of Malians whose asylum requests have been refused in Europe. While all the details of the agreement have yet to be announced, a brief statement by the Dutch foreign ministry indicated that Mali would receive 145.1 million euros of support across nine projects—six focused on Mali and three focused regionally. These projects would be aimed at both creating jobs and strengthening Mali’s border management capacity, including reinforcing the state’s registration system and implementing identity cards and biometric passports.

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  • EU Source: EU fast-tracks climate deal


    • Paris climate deal gets EU-wide approval
    • Orban pushes on despite referendum turnout 
    • On-going talks between US and Deutsche Bank
    • UK to trigger Brexit negotiations by March 2017

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