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  • Bell Quoted in Axios on Trump's OPEC Offensive

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  • Low-Carbon Fuel Innovation and the California Policy Environment

    The transportation sector, and particularly aviation and maritime transport, pose unique challenges in the transition to lower-carbon energy sources. However, California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard has ushered in significant investment and innovation and the state is leading the way in advanced fuels.

    In an interview with Randolph Bell, director of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, E James Macias, chief executive officer of Fulcrum BioEnergy, discussed how California’s consistent, forward-looking policy environment has turned it into world leader in clean innovation.

    Q:  First of all, what does Fulcrum BioEnergy do?

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  • Bell Quoted in Axios on Prospect of Saudi Arabia Backing Tesla

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  • The OPEC Meeting and the United States: The Elephant Not in the Room

    The geopolitics and economics of oil appear set to collide at this Friday’s OPEC meeting and Saturday’s follow-on OPEC/Non-OPEC Ministerial, as members of the producing cartel and non-OPEC member countries debate the fate of the production curtailment agreement in place since 2016.

    However, the biggest elephant in the room won’t even be there. The United States, while not a member of OPEC or the non-OPEC group that agreed to the cuts, has, and continues to play, an outsized role in the oil market because of both the continued strength of US shale and the actions of the Trump Administration.

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  • The Future of Oil: An Innovator’s Perspective

    Technology, policy, consumer preference, and price are driving dramatic changes in the energy mix, and the United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of efforts to innovate and diversify.

    In an interview with Randolph Bell, director of the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center, Musabbeh Al Kaabi, chief executive officer for petroleum and petrochemicals at the UAE’s Mubadala discussed the future of oil demand, changes underway in the global energy market, and Mubadala’s forward-looking strategy for energy innovation.

    Q: What is your view on the future of oil demand, and how do you manage uncertainty in oil demand?

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  • GCC Economic Diversification: Lessons from Texas

    The 2014 oil price collapse sent shockwaves across the oil industry and put economies from North Dakota to Nigeria on notice that $100 oil is not a sure thing. The economy of Texas, however, fared far better during the years of low prices than many experienced oil watchers predicted. Its relative resilience, explained in part by a recent paper from the Dallas Fed, provides a good lesson for countries, like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, working on ambitious diversification plans to better weather the regular downturns in commodities markets and prepare for a future in which oil demand is uncertain. Unfortunately, the paper also suggests just how challenging real diversification for these countries will be.

    By 2014, the US shale boom was in full force and Texas was one of its epicenters, accounting for...

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  • 4 Takeaways from the 2018 Global Energy Forum

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  • The Future of Transportation

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