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The WIn Fellowship, a collaboration between the Atlantic Council and Georgetown University, offers a comprehensive, fully sponsored year-long program tailored for women in the Middle East and North Africa region. This program features a specially designed executive education course by Georgetown University. Participants also benefit from ongoing mentoring and networking opportunities with prominent business leaders and government officials from both the US and MENA regions. Furthermore, the fellowship includes interactive workshops conducted by leading experts, focused on fostering policies that bolster women’s economic participation.

Event Recap

AI Revolution: Transforming the global business landscape

Arab women ambassadors shaping diplomacy: Challenges and opportunities

Fellows Testimonies

Jumana Al Darwish

Founder, The Happy Box, The Happy Studio, Happy Hearts Global
United Arab Emirates Cohort

Jumana Al Darwish is an award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 19 years of experience shaping the public and private sectors in the MENA region. Her portfolio of investments extend to the arts, education, tech/web3 domains.

Rawan Almogbil

Founder, IXMeta
Saudi Arabia Cohort

Rawan ALmogbil is A Saudi female entrepreneur and CEO, IXMeta she has made significant strides in the tech industry. She founded two startups recognized among the top 15 in the InspireU STC and Misk programs, showcasing her innovative leadership. 

Hiba Al Masoud

Co-Founder, Sauce Capital
United Arab Emirates Cohort

Hiba Al Masoud’s career has taken her across industries, functions, and coutnries. Most recently, Al Masoud co-founded Sauce Capital, an innovative food delivery company that incubates, cooks, and delivers food from various brands.

Farah Turani

Founder, Heaven Sent Cosmetics
Bahrain Cohort

Turani is a lawyer and entrepreneur – and an enthusiast for all things beauty, makeup, and cosmetics. In her free time, she loves writing poetry and playing with her dogs. Her passion for starting her own business arose during COVID; and has grown throughout the years.

Eman Darwish

Founder, Faith
Bahrain Cohort

Eman Darwish is a trailblazing fashion entrepreneur fueled by a lifelong passion for creativity and self-expression. In 2017, she founded Faith, a brand dedicated to providing diverse and empowering choices for modest women.

Dina Shabib

Founder & CEO, Etijah Coaching & Consulting Services
Saudi Arabia Cohort

Dina is the Founder and CEO of Etijah Coaching and Consulting, a social enterprise devoted to cultivating leadership and development in young professionals through programs that help them discover their passions and purpose.


Lynn Monzer

Deputy Director, WIn Fellowship
Atlantic Council

Lynn Monzer is the deputy director of empowerME at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, where she focuses on the WIn Fellowship Program.


During the roadshow, the fellows:

  • Participated in executive leadership training at Georgetown University.
  • Visited Halcyon House and the Venture Lab, engaging with entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Met with high-ranking US officials from the State Department and the Small Business Administration.
  • Attended panel discussions and networking events at RockCreek Investment in Washington DC, gaining insights from investors.
  • Enjoyed dinners and networking at the embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Traveled to New York City to meet with executives from Stone Point Capital, former secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin, and attended several events hosted by ABANA, including panel discussions and a networking reception.

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