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Event Recap March 24, 2021

Event recap | Data science and social entrepreneurship

By the GeoTech Center

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Event description

On this episode of the weekly GeoTech Hour, the GeoTech Center is returning to the fourth episode of the Data Salon Series, hosted in partnership with Accenture. This episode focuses on the challenges and opportunities of employing data for social good, and how entrepreneurship can fill a unique gap to ensure sound business practices and ethics concerning how data is used.

Around the world, scores of individuals and organizations work to create a better reality for their communities, their nations, and the world. Yet, with so many players in the field, it is often difficult to coordinate between different streams of public, private, and nongovernmental data seeking to combat overlapping problems. During this episode, panelists discuss their efforts and outlined methods to connect data with the organizations who need it without exposing personal information of anyone involved.


Valeria Budinich

Scholar-in-Residence, Legatum Center
MIT’s Sloan School of Management

Derry Goberdhansingh
Harper Paige

Bevon Moore
Elevate U

Hosted by

David Bray, PhD
Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

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Event Recap

Mar 17, 2021

Event recap | Coordinating data privacy and the public interest

By the GeoTech Center

Data usage and the employment of data trusts has maximized individual privacy and private sector benefits. Both the government and the private sector are working towards developing strategies that emphasize individual privacy more than ever before, as the public continues to express greater interest in protecting their data. However, few institutions have landed upon successful solutions in practice that can protect user privacy while allowing for the high levels of analysis they have come to expect. As our digital landscape continues to evolve, panelists in this episode of the GeoTech Hour discuss intentional policy and design choices that could allow for greater data ownership within people-centered structures.

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