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نصیر احمد نور، سفیر افغانستان در ایران، اخیرا به خبرگزاری ایرنا گفت کشورش به قرارداد تقسیم آب هیرمند میان ایران و افغانستان متعهد است. اما با وجود اظهارات مشابه، اختلاف نظرها بر سر موضوعی که باعث ایجاد یک فاجعه زیست محیطی در جنوب غربی افغانستان و جنوب شرقی ایران شده، ادامه دارد.
Iran’s announcement March 8 that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) test-fired several ballistic missiles should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) concluded last year does not bar such tests. UN Security Council Resolution 2231, adopted on July 20, 2015, codified the JCPOA and superseded previous resolutions on Iran’s nuclear program. Among its provisions, it states that all UN members « are called upon to comply » with two paragraphs in an annex, which has not been endorsed by Iran, regarding its missile program.

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شمار نمایندگان زن مجلس دهم ایران، نزدیک به دو برابر شمار آنها در مجلس نهم خواهد بود. افزایش کرسی های متعلق به زنان، ناظران را به کاهش نابرابری جنسیتی در نظام مردسالار جمهوری اسلامی امیدوار کرده است.
تاکنون، نتایج انتخابات مجلس حاکی از راه یافتن ۱۴ نماینده زن به مجلس است، و تحلیلگران تخمین زده اند که ممکن است تا ۲۲ کرسی از ۲۹۰ کرسی مجلس دهم را زنان اشغال کنند.  این در حالی است که در مجلس نهم تنها ۹ نماینده زن حضور داشتند و از آن تعداد، ۸ تن آنها محافظه کار بودند.
Iran’s parliament is on track to more than double the number of women members, with potential benefits for reducing gender inequality in the male-dominated Islamic Republic.

So far, 14  women have made it to the Majlis, and analysts are estimating that there could be as many as 22 – out of a total membership of 290 -- after run-off elections this spring for seats in which no candidate got a majority.

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No one would ever mistake an Iranian election for an American one.

The idiosyncrasies of this US campaign season aside, there are fundamental differences in the power of elected institutions in Iran, which are subservient to a clerical Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. A body that is largely appointed by Khamenei, the Guardian Council, vets all candidates for elected office and weeds out anyone not considered sufficiently loyal to the system.

Still, Iranians have again shown their ability to make lemonade out of the lemons provided by the Islamic Republic. According to the latest results available from the February 26 elections, there have been major gains for supporters of President Hassan Rouhani in both the parliament and the Assembly of Experts, a body that could be called on to approve Khamenei’s successor.

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