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Sep 11, 2023

If the West wants to support Iranian women, it must cut diplomatic ties with Tehran

By Shadi Sadr

The success of the Woman, Life, Freedom revolution relies on increasing the crackdown costs until the Islamic Republic's grip on power falters, ultimately leading to its effective demise.

Civil Society Iran


Sep 8, 2023

Iran will never go back to the way it was

By Holly Dagres

While some argue that the ongoing anti-establishment protests began in mid-September 2022, the reality is that Iranians have been defying the regime for years.

Human Rights Iran


Sep 7, 2023

The protests in Iran are not a revolution—yet. These events must occur first.

By Jack A. Goldstone

To draw in the majority of Iranians, the protests in Iran need to have a leader or organization that people trust.

Iran Middle East


Sep 6, 2023

A pilgrimage of love: Mourning the dead in defiance of the Islamic Republic

By Khosro Sayeh Isfahani

Over the past weeks, the Islamic Republic has harassed, threatened, detained, and exiled relatives of the victims of state violence.

Iran Middle East


Aug 31, 2023

Iran and targeted human rights sanctions update: Providing military equipment to Iran security forces and Russia

By Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo

The UK and Canada designated Iranian individuals and entities for the provision of military supplies to Russia and Iranian security forces.

Economic Sanctions Europe & Eurasia


Aug 24, 2023

This is how Iranian history shapes the Islamic Republic’s relationship with the world

By Kelly Shannon

Iranians have a long historical memory, and Iran’s foreign policy is shaped in many ways by the nation’s history.

Iran Middle East


Aug 22, 2023

Iran has a hostage-taking model. It’s long overdue that the US build a policy around it.

By Jason Brodsky

Much of the controversy over an Iran hostage agreement has to do with the lack of a multilateral strategy to deter hostage-taking.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business


Aug 18, 2023

What are ‘targeted human rights sanctions,’ and why are they used for Iran?

By Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo

Reports announcing targeted sanctions designations often fail to mention what they are, how they work, and whether they are effective.

Economic Sanctions Iran


Aug 17, 2023

The Levinson Act means all Americans must return home—not just citizens

By Celeste Kmiotek

Shahab Dalili, Afshin Sheikholeslami Vatani, and Jamshid Sharmahd are all considered US nationals under the Levinson Act.

Human Rights Iran


Aug 15, 2023

Women in Iran fight to break Islamic Republic ‘cage’

By Khosro Sayeh Isfahani

“I will not return to that cage. I will not bow before bondage.”

Civil Society Human Rights