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Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Factbox: Tunisia’s precarious 2019 presidential election

Voting booths open for the Tunisian presidential election this Sunday, September 15, in one of the world’s youngest democracies. Tunisians will be selecting their second president from among twenty-six candidates, including two women, with hopes of a new vision for addressing pressing issues about the economy, security, and political reform. Parliamentary elections follow on October […]

Adam Aluzri and Christiana Haynes

Democratic Transitions

Thu, Sep 5, 2019

Is the early presidential election a political turning point for Tunisia?

The results of the next Tunisian presidential election may change the political spectrum for the subsequent legislative elections too. During the last eights years, the political paranoia has been the rule, leading public opinion to discredit politicians and political parties.

Haykel Ben Mahfoudh

Middle East
North Africa

Fri, Aug 30, 2019

Climate-resilient small farming communities vital to MENA food security

Small farmers play a major role in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s food security. They produce the bulk of the region’s domestic supply of staples. However, small farm holders are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in the region.

Amal A. Kandeel

Climate Change & Climate Action
Middle East

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Wed, Jul 24, 2019

A passage to India: Israel’s pivot East

As Israel gears up for an election do-over in September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will once again look to foreign leaders to bolster his leadership potential and diplomatic experience.

MENASource by Grace Wermenbol

India Israel

Mon, Jul 22, 2019

No justice, no peace: The failure of Kushner’s peace to prosperity workshop

US President Donald Trump’s administration team failed to gather required support from Arab countries during the Bahrain workshop for its economic plan, which would have been the cornerstone for the undisclosed political strategy policy for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The economic plan, through its three initiatives, could address paramount determinants of economic prosperity and peace, economic growth, human capital, and governance.

MENASource by Iyad Yousef

Israel Middle East

Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Expert rapid response: Erbil attack

On Wednesday July 17, 2019 a shooting took place in a restaurant in Erbil, in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, that allegedly killed a Turkish diplomat serving in the consulate, Osman Kose, and two Iraqi civilians. Reports claim that three assailants with alleged Islamic State (ISIS) allegiances were behind the shooting and quickly killed as well although investigations are still pending. No group claimed the attack with the PKK spokesperson denying its involvement.

MENASource by MENASource


Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Poor air quality and lost economic opportunities

Air quality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has deteriorated dramatically over the last few decades. Recent research on global level of pollution ranked Cairo as the most polluted city in the world. The situation in other major cities in the region is not very different from the Egyptian capital. The region has witnessed major shifts in energy production and consumption trends over the last few decades which contribute to high levels of air pollution.

MENASource by Mahmoud Abouelnaga

Middle East

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

A shift in Iraqi politics: An opposition emerges

Since 2003, the principle of multi-party consensus has defined Iraq’s political system. This formula was deemed best for Iraq during a transition period, and it relied on the existence of broad sectarian and ethnic coalitions.

MENASource by Rend al-Rahim


Mon, Jul 8, 2019

Syrians in Lebanon: A life of misery, or a return to the unknown

Ongoing discrimination and anti-refugee rhetoric in Lebanon are leaving desperate Syrians with two dismal options: to live under harsh conditions in Lebanon or return to Syria with worse conditions and even less stability.

MENASource by Tesbih Habbal

Middle East Syria

Wed, Jul 3, 2019

Women’s World Cup 2019: Where is the Middle East?

With all the excitement these past months have generated, it is hard not to notice a glaring discrepancy in representation. There is not one team from the Middle East that qualified.

MENASource by Sheva Tabatabainejad and Rana Abdulhadi

Afghanistan Iran

Wed, Jul 3, 2019

Challenges for Egypt’s fragile stability

The death of Mohamed Morsi on June 17, the only president ever instated through democratic elections, arrived as a reckoning in post-revolutionary Egypt.

MENASource by Alessia Melcangi and Giuseppe Dentice

North Africa

Mon, Jul 1, 2019

Parliament voted to complete Iraq’s cabinet: What’s next?

While inclusive governance is an admirable goal, it can be a formula for failure when merit is sacrificed for the sake of meeting ethno-sectarian quotas.

MENASource by Abbas Kadhim


Fri, Jun 28, 2019

Israel’s problematic role in perpetuating water insecurity for Palestine

Climate change poses an existential and global threat to humanity. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is expected to be impacted more than any other area.

MENASource by Zena Agha

Israel Middle East