May 9, 2022

Cyber strategy: Assumptions and hypotheticals 

By Yumi Gambrill and Emma Schroeder

Assumption #1

Assumption #2

Assumption #3

What is this project?

When academics, policymakers, and practitioners discuss security and conflict within the cyber domain, they are often hampered by a series of ongoing debates and unarticulated assumptions, some more commonly agreed upon than others, which they nevertheless must cope with to better understand the domain.  

We have brought together members of these communities to discuss the reasons that these debates are important to the shaping of cybersecurity and strategic plans, as well as how outcomes of these debates might impact the way that public- and private-sector actors’ actions, informed by these debates one way or another, affect the domain, their adversaries, and their own goals. 

No one has an overview of US R/D on cyber

Cyber Strategy Series

The Cyber Strategy Series presents new perspectives on the most pressing topics in cybersecurity strategy. This series is intended to challenge assumptions and spark productive debate, to contribute to a better understanding of how the United States and its allies and partners can and should operate in the cyber domain.

Assumption: Cyber operations are not escalatory,
and are even de-escalatory.