Week of February 25, 2022

Last week, the Eurasia, Europe, and Scowcroft Centers took a deep dive into the Russian military assault on Ukraine. The virtual events discussed how the transatlantic response can be strengthened, what should the West do now to support Ukraine’s fight for independence, and what the crisis may mean for the future of US-Russia relations.

A new Russian element is moving out of Belarus, directly south, not towards Kyiv, but Lviv… to isolate Ukraine from Poland, to sever the land routes.

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Ben Hodges

Long term, there are a number of things that the West could have done to avoid this situation. The lights have been blinking red on Russia’s security concerns in the former soviet space…

Emma ashford

This crisis is fundamentally transforming the European Union and the West as a whole… there is no alternative for NATO.

Wojciech Konończuk

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Europe Center

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